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Here at The Pet Chef, in Perth (we deliver to all metro suburbs) we are excited to announce that we now have our range of 100% natural, healthy, raw food products available for cats.  Following the enormous success of our dog food range over the last few years, we can now offer our feline friends nutritious, healthy food enabling optimum health.

The best feline diet should contain between 75-80% raw meat, good natural fat, 15% offal and bone, and 5% fruit and vegetables.  Cats are natural carnivores and are not designed to be vegetarian, in fact they need to eat animal tissue to maintain long term health.  A feline diet should not contain grains or carbohydrates as they require a diet high in protein.  Dry food has become very popular due to its convenience, however the majority of dry food brands are very high in carbohydrates, which your cat will convert to fat.  An overweight cat can lead to many health issues (a cat is considered obese if you cannot feel it’s individual ribs), so it is vital to ensure you offer your cat the optimum diet so that it can enjoy a long and healthy life.

A feline diet based on the BARF philosophy of bones and raw food can have the following improvements:-

  • Healthy weight
  • Increased activity
  • A more contented and playful cat
  • Less plaque build up on teeth
  • Beautiful texture and shine to the coat
  • Healthier breath

Our range of feline diet products incorporate a high percentage of finely ground bone, meat, liver, heart, kidney, fruit and vegetables, kelp and cod liver oil.  There are absolutely no preservatives, colourings or anything artificial added.  We have carefully put together a range of meals that will offer your cat the optimum in taste and nutrition.  As well as our crafted meals, we can offer turkey neck trays, chicken necks, chicken wings and meaty chicken mince, so there is plenty of variety and no excuse for your cat to get bored!  All products can be delivered straight to your door if you live in the Perth metro area, and we welcome enquiries from interstate.

You can click on this link to see our menu and then you can order on-line for home delivery or pick-up.

Cats are notoriously fussy creatures, and switching to a raw food diet after years of eating tins or dry food should not be attempted too quickly.  Gradually mix the new diet in with the old and slowly adjust the ratios over a period of weeks.  For obese cats, you should consult your veterinarian before commencing a diet for weight loss, as losing weight too quickly can cause serious health problems for your cat.

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