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loyalty code


  1. Intention.
    The loyalty code is intended to be driven by customers who have ordered pet food from the Pet Chef directly, over a period of time on the internet. The Pet Chef wishes to reward the customer by giving a ‘discount’ on selected items for the customers orders over the next period. At the discretion of the Pet Chef, should a customer remain loyal for an extended period, or the monitory value of large orders, the reward may increase, by the customer being given a new and different code.
  2. To qualify.
    The customer must have consistently ordered pet food for their animal over the qualifying period. The Pet Chef computer keeps a record of all orders placed by the customers over the internet. All customers are asked (must) to apply for their loyalty code from the ‘Contact Us’ page of the web site.
  3. Periods.
    The loyalty program starts from 1st January, 2016. For the first period of 12 months registered on the Pet Chef computer starting from 1st January, 2015, a customer can apply for a “Loyalty Code”. Should a customer already known to the Pet Chef for being loyal longer than 12 months, the Pet Chef will provide a loyalty code applicable. The loyalty code changes yearly, so all customers will need to apply for a new code in January of each year.
  4. NOT Transferable.
    The loyalty code is NOT to be abused or transferred from the individual customer to whom it was issued. Should it be found that the customer has transferred the code to another person or abused the privilege in any way, then the discount will be disallowed completely for all orders involved. All customers involved in the breach will not be given any further loyalty codes.
  5. Acceptance
    Once the customer has received the ‘Loyalty Code’ and has used it in the course of ordering their food, the customer has automatically accepted the terms and conditions of the ‘Loyalty Code’.