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Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the great products that you supply. I have two dogs, an 8 year old black labrador and a 20 month old white boxer. Floyd, my lab, has suffered with contact allergies all his life and has been on syeriod tablets for the last 7 years. Miss Milly, the boxer has developed the same problem and it seemsto be that they are both allergic to the grass on my block of land. I have restricted their time on the grass but unforunately it is impossible to make that 100% of the time.

Although Floyd takes his pills every other day they have never completely erased the problem and he still scratches a lot and licks his feet and smells pretty bad when the problem is at its worst.

Both dogs have been eating the ‘Scavengers Find’ and chicken wings for 2 weeks now and although the problem has not completley gone – and i realise with contact allergies this is probably not possible – but with this great product i’m confident that thier immune system is strengthening. Their coats are shiny and Floyd smells sweet! The horrible smelly poohs have disappeared, hoorah. In fact there is very little wast deposited on the lawn at all these days, and what there is, is normal and healthy! Hopefully i’ll be able to reduce Floyd’s medication to a less harmfull dose in the not to distant future. They love the food and i had no problems with transition. Thank you once again for a great product.