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We just wanted to share with you the change for the better in our Staffy Marley since he has been on the BARf diet and eating your products. He has only been eating the Scavenger’s Find, chicken necks and turkey necks for the last week and the change has been miraculous. Marley has suffered from severe skin irritation and what appears to be a wheat/cereal allergy which has caused him to constantly lick and chew at his paws, and his skin was covered in a rash with lots of small lumps which would drive him mad with the need to scratch and chew at himself. We had only found one brand of dog food (tinned Chum) that he could eat with the minimum of symptoms but they never went away completely, and his feet were always swollen and red and he always had pus between his toes and pads.

So last week my husband saw a van that was driving around in our area and he noted the website advertised on the van and little did we know then but he had just found the answer we had been looking for for so long. After only two days on the The Pet Chef food, Marley finally had solid poos rather than the almost liquid cow pats he had been doing for the last 4 years of his life, and his paws seemed much less red and inflamed and he wasn’t scratching as much. After a week on the diet he is a much more settled dog, he sleeps better, his coat is so shiny and getting softer every day it seems and he is definitely less itchy. He is doing tiny, well formed poos which shows he is digesting almost all of what he is being fed so there is also the fact that the food isn’t being wasted by going straight through him undigested.

I will give another update in a few months time and I am sure it will be just as good, if not better than this one. I am so glad my husband saw that van and noted the website and I know Marley is too. Thanks so much.