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Dogs Feeding

We are always available to guide and talk to you about how much to feed your dog. We believe that like humans a dog’s diet can vary and we can cater for this. PLEASE do not supplement your dog’s diet with extra calcium as this will promote a more rapid growth in the skeletal structure and not allow the muscular structure to keep up. Let your dog grow naturally and feed soft bones regularly.

Puppies – Small to Medium breeds.

Feeding frequency: – Under 6 mths. Up to three (3) times per day, 6mths to 12mths – 2 meals per day

Puppies Weight Food Quantity/Day
1 – 5Kgs 30gms. – 250gms.
6 – 10Kgs 180gms – 500gms
11 – 15Kgs 330gms – 750gms
16 – 20Kgs 480gms – 1Kg.

Puppies – Large to Very Large

Feeding frequency: – Under 6 mths up to three (3) times per day, 6mths to 12mths – 2 meals per day. Many breeders supplement the dogs diet with raw chicken frames, wings and/or necks.

Puppies Weight Food Quantity/Day
1 – 5Kgs 30gms. – 200gms.
6 – 10Kgs 150gms – 400gms
11 – 15Kgs 220gms – 600gms
16 – 20Kgs 350gms – 1Kg.

Adult dogs.

Feeding frequency: – Once a day or the same quantity divided into 2.

A general guideline is to feed your dogs between2% and 3% of the dogs body weight, however, like us each dog requires more or less depending upon its genetics and exercise it gets.

Remember that a dog in the wild not always gets a balanced diet every day, however, it is essential that it eats a good quantity of the balanced formula over a weekly period.

Working dogs.

Working dogs require a greater intake of food and the intake should contain a higher percentage of good fat. Dogs get energy from fat. Typically a working dog may require up to double the quantity of a non working dog, 3% to 6% of it body weight.

Pregnant and Feeding bitches.

Please contact us and we will walk you through the feeding guide as this is more complicated and we enjoy helping you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.