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the barf diet

Bones and Raw Food can work wonders!

YES – BARF can improve your pet’s life!

Are you unsure whether you should make the effort to learn about and begin feeding the BARF diet to your pet?

The following extract has been quoted from a book which we endorse called “The BARF Diet” whose author we highly respect, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, B.V.Sc.[Hons], B. Sc. Agr., Dip. Ed. and recommend that any pet owner should obtain any of his books to be better informed of the benefits to your pet.

“………..When a pet is switched to the BARF diet, changes occur. Some are subtle and others blatantly obvious. Some occur almost immediately. Others can take months or even years. Some may take a number of generations. They will all involve improvements in health. It is my hope that the list of improvements will act as a major encouragement for any pet owner considering the switch to BARF.

  1. You will see escalating energy levels. One of the first changes seen in your pet’s will be a new zest for living.  Young and active pets develop an incredible increase in stamina.  Older pets ‘magically’ transform into younger animals, no longer lying around with little interest in their surroundings.  They begin to go for walks again, to play ball, and to join in with family activities.
  2. You will see increased lean body mass.  Your pet will lose unwanted fat and gain increased muscle mass.  This will make your pet look better, increase its metabolic rate, raise its activity levels and increase its healthy life span.  With dogs, the effect will be more rapid if you combine the BARF diet with some normal sensible exercise.  Cats mostly exercise themselves of course.
  3. Many dental problems disappear.  Feeding you pet the BARF diet will quickly improve the dental hygiene of your pet.  Bad breath will disappear.  Tartar will disappear and be replaced by clean shining teeth.  All without visiting a pet dentist.  This means major savings in veterinary bills, reduced need for toxic anaesthetics and best of all, a mouth that no longer spreads bacteria and poisons internally.  A mouth that is much less of danger – to its human family, but most importantly – to its owner!
  4. Many skin problems will disappear.  When persistent skin problems suddenly disappear, and vet visits, medicated washes, antibiotics, cortisone shots and tablets, are no longer needed, it has to mean something.  It is hard to ignore the deeply coloured, lustrous, thick and healthy coat that has replaced the moth eaten, broken shafted disaster of a hair which your pet used to display.  If you don’t see this, your friends will notice and point it out!
  5. Infected ears become healthy again.  Ear problems that are years old suddenly disappear.  The BARF diet normalises and strengthens the immune system.  Because BARF contains a good balance of essential fatty acids and other immune normalising and strengthening nutrients, it reduces inflammatory conditions and waves goodbye to a wide range of infectious processes.  You know how irritating it is for you to have ear problems – your pet will feel good with trouble free ears.
  6. Anal sac problems disappear.  This reflects the improved health of the immune system and the remarkable difference the bone eating makes in the production of firm stools, which are essential for normal anal sac emptying.  I think you will enjoy not having a constantly scooting dog, or an uncomfortable cat.  Yes cats can develop anal sac disease as well.
  7. Arthritis disappears.  After a few weeks to months you can expect to see much greater mobility in your pet.  This is part of the reason so many older pets have a new lease on life when switched to BARF.  You may find you no longer have to pay those horrendously expensive arthritis pills [NSAIDS] with the ever present danger of side effects.  The weekly trip to the acupuncturist may become a thing of the past.  Even better results with this problem will be seen when BARF is suitably modified by the addition of healthy oils and anti-oxidants, an increase in green leafy vegetables and the removal of red meats.
  8. Incontinence disappears.  Not one hundred percent of the time, but often enough to have us asking why.  Because incontinence often responds to hormonal treatment, its disappearance when we start feeding BARF is a good indication of BARF’s hormone balancing abilities.
  9. Improved water balance.  This is an intriguing improvement. It relates in part to the hydrating effect of the BARF diet and in part to the lowered insulin levels brought about by the minimal starch and sugar levels in BARF.  What you will notice is that your BARF fed pet has much less need for the water bowl.  Over time, by a variety of mechanisms, the BARF diet will prevent the formation of crystals and stones in the urine of dogs and cats.  It also contributes in a major way to the health of the kidneys.  Kidney failure is a major cause of death in modern pets.
  10. Many BARF feeders report the disappearance of “Dry eye” syndrome.  This is one of the many problems, which ‘unaccountably’ clear up when a pet is switched to BARF.  The return of tears can be immediate or it may take months.  There is no explanation for this beyond the obvious normalising effect of BARF o our pets’ bodies.
  11. Resistance to internal and external parasites escalates.  A wonderful effect of the BARF diet is the increased resistance our pets have to both fleas and ‘WORMS’ or intestinal parasites.  Once you start feeding BARF, you are almost guaranteed to be spending less money worming and flea treatments.  This not only reduces the strain on the bank balance, it also means there will be less strain on your pets’ detoxification system.  This is another example of the BARF diets remarkable influence on our pets’ immune system.
  12. Orthopaedic conditions in young dogs disappear.  If you are a dog breeder and would like to see problems such as Hip and Elbow dysplasia from your breeding program, let us suggest you seriously consider the BARF diet as the way you raise your young dogs.  Barf diet has a normalising effect on bone growth.  This is hardly surprising as the BARF diet is the dogs’ evolutionary diet.
  13. Disappearing diabetes.  Because of the low levels of soluble carbohydrates in the BARF diet, it comes as no surprise that BARF fed pets rarely develop diabetes.  Pets that are already diabetic, when switched to the BARF diet will require much less insulin.  Insulin dependent cats often become completely normal once they begin to eat BARF.
  14. Reproductive problems disappear.  Not all of the reproductive problems will disappear in one generation.  However, over the course of three or four generations, persistent BARF feeding will be rewarded with significantly decreased reproductive problems, including increased bitch health and fertility, unassisted births, brilliant milk production and much greater viability of the offspring.
  15. BARF feeders report incredible improvements in behaviour.  Dogs that are fed the BARF diet are much calmer, more easily trained and less prone to erratic and unpredictable behaviour.  Many dog trainers and behaviourists refuse to deal with any dog that has not been switched to a wholesome raw food diet.  Pets fed artificial food are commonly observed to show behaviour, which parallels that exhibited by children with attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder.  When these pets are switched to the BARF diet, the improvement in temperament is often seen within days.  There are many dogs alive today, living happily with their families, which have been living on “death row” because, aggressive and dangerously unpredictable behaviour patterns.  Their lives were transformed when they were switched to BARF.
  16. The BARF diet reduces the impact of a range of degenerative diseases.  Pets eating an evolutionary diet, live much longer than their kibble fed counterparts, and are less likely to develop cancer or any of the other degenerative diseases which plague modern pets.  Pet owners who switch their older pets to BARF usually find whatever degenerative disease their pet has contracted suddenly becomes less of a problem.  This has been a consistent finding over the years.  If the owners are prepared to further modify the BARF diet to suit the particular disease process that has taken hold of their pet, the benefit becomes even greater.  This good news applies to many forms of cancer.  Over the years the BARF diet has had major success with remissions of many tumors including mast cell tumors, mammary tumors and lymphomas.  We have no doubt that with the passage of time, as more pet owners adopt the BARF diet for their pet with cancer, we will record remissions of a wider range of tumors.  At this point many of you will be asking………. How can I be sure my pet is capable of eating a raw food diet?

The BARF Diet, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, SOS Printing Pty. Ltd. 2001 pp 6 – 10 inc. Ask ‘THE PET CHEF’ (08) 9250 8131